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Hi, I'm Brandon. Welcome to my website.

This site explains a little bit about who I am, what drives me, and what I can do for you. If you are interested in how I can help you and your company establish an online presence in the US or Chinese market, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on LinkedIn.

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About Brandon King

I first ran a digital marketing campaign in 2007 when interning at Nike's world-headquarters. I was tasked with promoting Nike Skateboarding's first ever video through online channels, and found it to be fascinating experience. This was the early days of social media, when MySpace dominated.

After interning at Nike, I studied abroad at Warwick University in England. Living overseas was a great experience and played a key role in my later decision to move to China.

In 2008, I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, promptly moved to China, and did what so many graduates do when they arrive- I taught English. While teaching was never a career I planned to pursue long-term, it was a great way to ease into Shenzhen, the city of 15 million in South China where I was living at the time. The beauty of teaching English in China is that the pay is good and the hours are minimal, leaving you with plenty of extra time to work on side projects. It was during this time that I began educating myself on SEO and developing a website, since sold, called State of Skate.

It was while in Shenzhen that I also worked with North China's largest retailer, Peng Da, to plan the launch of its flagship Action Sports retail store. Skateboarding has always been a love of mine, and it was a joy to spread it to a community that hadn't seen much of it before. Consulting on this project was a fantastic experience and ultimately taught me that I enjoy selling ideas and services more than products. Selling skateboard apparel is great, but not for me.

Shenzhen is an up-and-coming city and is absolutely the future of China. However, after three years there, I decided that it was time for a change and moved to Shanghai. During the year I spent in Shanghai I managed the marketing department of a web design firm and helped a variety of clients to penetrate the Chinese market.

I returned to the US in 2013 and have been working on three projects since then. The first project involves the bespoke Content Marketing Services- SEO, Social Media Optimization with a focus on LinkedIn, and Content Writing- which I currently offer. The second is a website which organizes the latest in skateboarding videos and photos. It is a passion project of mine that has been fun to bring to fruition- please direct message me and I'll send the url. My most recent project has been SmartIntern, a service which connects interns with companies in China. SmartIntern launched in early 2014.